Best LQP Interviews of 2017

Best LQP Interviews of 2017


As we enter 2018, we want to showcase our most popular Lawyers Quitting Practice interviews of 2017. These top two articles have inspired many with their unique stories of leaving law and starting something new. In the spirit of the new year, we hope that everyone can gain some perspective and make a resolution to follow your passions like they did.

1) The Lawyer Behind Kupfert & Kim

This article features Daniel Suss, one of the founders of the popular Toronto vegan restaurant chain Kupfert & Kim. Daniel went from touring with his band to law school and practicing law before starting work on Kupfert & Kim with his band mate and friend Mark. His story is unique and he emphasizes how much his experience in law has helped him in starting his business. Read his story here.

2) From Legal Project Manager to Divorce Coach

In this installment of the series we interviewed Kim West, a former legal project manager that recently started her own consulting business, When It’s Knot Forever. Kim realized her passion for helping others after going through a divorce in her 20s. She experienced how difficult the process can be and saw how little support there was for people going through a divorce. Kim provides an interesting perspective into using her personal experience and launching a business around it. Read her story here.