5 Tips for Success from Lawyer-Entrepreneurs

5 Tips for Success from Lawyer-Entrepreneurs

Throughout our LQP series, we have had many lawyers-turned-entrepreneurs share their insights and tips for success. We have combined five of our favourite quotes below.

1) Be the Best

This first quote is from Gurvinder Bhatia who grew his wine business for 20 years. He highlights the importance of a hard-working attitude.

“If I’m going to do something, I’m going to be the best at it. If I’m in the wine business, I’m going to learn everything there is to learn about it and I’m going to go way beyond what the average person does.”

This kind of dedication and passion is exactly what made him a successful entrepreneur and also an expert in his field.

2) Build a Team

Daniel Suss, lawyer and co-founder of Kupfert & Kim, a popular Toronto vegan restaurant chain emphasizes the importance of having great employees.

“It only works because of the good team that we’ve built. They are responsible and care about the project, and I can trust them to run everything.”

The team that you rely on everyday can make or break your business. A thoughtful hiring process is essential.

3) Talk to Others

Adam Chambers has had a wide range of professional experiences, including public policy, starting a business, and practicing law. In his experience, speaking to others has made all the difference.

“You should always be open to opportunities to meet other people and learn from folks who are 5, 10, 25 years ahead of you. Their insights are always very helpful.”

4) Embrace Any and Every Role

Mario Fiorucci, the lawyer behind the Healthy Butcher speaks highly of his experience opening up his very first location.

“We were bootstrapping it from the beginning. We washed dishes, helped customers, and did everything that had to be done. It was a great experience.”

He reminds us that when you want to start a business from the ground up, you’re often going to be responsible for many different roles. His tip for success is to take on these challenges and get started on the right foot.

5) Take a Risk

Kim West, divorce coach and founder of When It’s Knot Forever is quoted talking about following your passion and the need to take a risk in entrepreneurship.

“We are used to the perceived safety and security of our jobs and there’s a fear of taking a risk and being vulnerable, which keeps us from sharing our creative work.”

So be creative and don’t be scared to take the first step towards your goals. Nothing is really out of reach.