Our story

Closing Folders was founded in 2013 by Sahil Zaman and Gordon Cassie. At that time, legal transactions were closed in an expensive, time-consuming, chaotic, shambolic mess of chain-emails and printed paper.Today we are a leader in legal transaction management (LTM) software and power thousands of legal transactions every month. We are excited to continue to redefine how legal transactions are run across the world and help lawyers go home a little earlier on those stressful nights before closing.

Figure struggling under the weight of traditional closings

Our mission

Our mission is to make Closing Folders the global standard for legal transaction management. To that end, we are laser focused on creating a perfect legal transaction experience that every transactional lawyer will feel comfortable moving his or her workflows to.

Our team

We come to work every day and do exceptional work that we can be proud of. Then we go home and do other stuff.Maybe you want to join us?

The legal landscape is changing. Are you?

The New Deal is a guide for legal professionals that want to improve their deal process. The book covers:

  • Challenges associated with running deals the "old-fashioned way".
  • How LTM software reduces errors and increases client satisfaction.
  • Interviews with lawyers that have made the transition to LTM and advice from leading practitioners.
  • How to evaluate LTM software vendors.
  • Tips on deploying LTM software and boosting adoption within your firm.
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