Signature Page Management
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Manage Signature Pages With Ease

Closing Folders makes managing signature pages easy! Keep everything paperless with our DocuSign integration, or take advantage of our more traditional PDF signature packages. Whether you need one signature or five hundred, our legal transaction software will ensure you run a smooth, confident, and effortless deal.

Create Signature Packages and Track Signatures at Every Step

With Closing Folders, your signature pages can be automatically detected in every legal file. This allows you to easily track and update executed signatures as you go. Create traditional PDF signature packages or utilize our DocuSign integration for instantly updated e-signatures. Signature package generation has never been easier!

Chad Bayne

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
I could be working on a dozen deals at any given time, so software like Closing Folders can have a major impact on streamlining and managing the closing process for the teams I manage. I am always looking to make my practice more efficient and Closing Folders is a great tool to do that – ultimately allowing us to provide better service to our clients.

James Padwick

Wildeboer Dellelce LLP
Closing Folders has drastically optimized my workflow and decreased the time my team spends chasing paper. It has added a great deal of efficiency and saved clients thousands of dollars.

Automated Signature Packages

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